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Rudolf SteinerAre you looking for orientation amidst the current economic challenges and changes?

Would you like to understand what Rudolf Steiner did in preparation for a healthy world economy?

Do you want to make more socially conscious choices in the context of the current world economy?

You are invited to participate in a rare workshop recording with Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd.

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The Inner and Outer Aspects of Associative Economics

Join Us for Two 'Town-Square Style' Workshops focused on Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to economic life and the economic events and tasks of our time.

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Charting Our Economic Course

Christopher Houghton Budd at Live Economics Conference

In the midst of the initial finanacial breakdowns and preliminary bailouts of Oct. of 2008, Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd delivered two back to back workshops held in Viroqua, WI, U.S.A. In a townsquare style meeting, Christopher boldly and intimately described Rudolf Steiner’s mission and contribution to economics against a world historic background from Ancient Greece ... to the Christmas Conference of 1923/24 .... to current financial breakdowns and what is being asked of us in terms of the future. Due to pressing outer economic issues, the workshops were recorded so that more people can participate in the conversations with essential concepts distilled from Rudolf Steiner’s contributions to economic life.

Christopher Houghton Budd PictureDr. Houghton Budd is one of the few influential economists who can represent Rudolf Steiner’s ideas concerning economics to bankers, policy makers, and lay people alike. An economic and monetary historian with a doctorate in finance and banking, he travels extensively from his home in Canterbury, England with the aim of contributing to the metamorphosis of capitalism. Christopher is a life-long student of Rudolf Steiner, a member of the Anthroposophical Society, and of the School of Spiritual Science, in which capacity he is a founding-participant in the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum. He has written numerous books and publications.

The two workshops - Rudolf Steiner’s Unfinished Deed and Money: The Old and New Mysteries - synthesize and concentrate many key ideas from Christopher’s life work. They are shared with the hope that individuals and organizations will take up the tasks at hand and create a brighter more sustainable economic future for all. Though the workshops were recorded in 2008 the information will be relevant far into the future.

Rudolf Steiner’s Unfinished Deed

by Christopher Houghton Budd, Ph.D

Workshop One of a Two Part Set

Rudofl Steiner's Unfinished Deed

"Rudolf Steiner crowned a remarkable life with a deed placing humanity’s inner life in the full light of day the significance of which remains greatly underestimated."

- Christopher Houghton Budd

Fundamental Insights for the Reordering of Karma in Financial Life

Money and economics can be seen as an outer reflection of our inner life. Dr. Houghton Budd addresses current economic events in light of the development of consciousness from Ancient Greece to the present economic challenges. Rudolf Steiner’s pivotal contributions toward a healthy world economy based on initiation rather than power are thoroughly explored. Steiner implemented new three-fold initiation principles in the refounding of the Anthroposophical Society, a deed which to this day, remains largely underestimated. The intended, but incomplete, first, second, and third classes of the School of Spiritual Science can provide the basis of social renewal for individuals, groups and institutions. Steiner outlined a path of modern initiation that can help us cross the threshold consciously; do we have the will to follow?

Rudolf Steiner's Unfinished Deed Booklet

Key features of Rudolf Steiner’s Unfinished Deed include:

  • Over 4 hours of audio in MP3 format
  • Photos of the board drawings that accompanied the lectures are provided in a full color photo booklet
  • An exploration of pivotal events that began in the East with Aristotle and Alexander during the last Michael age and remain to be formed out of the West during the present Michael Age.
  • The spiritual geography and the spiritual mission of the Orient, the Occident, and Europe
  • An in-depth exploration of Rudolf Steiner’s place in the context of economic and world history
  • What are the signatures of what Rudolf Steiner called a Michael Age: now and previously?
  • The economic mission of the West
  • How current economic events reveal humanities’ relationship to the spiritual world or lack thereof
  • Why humanity has been able to be manipulated (particularity in the last century) due to a lack of understanding of the three degrees of initiation
  • The three degrees of initiation and Rudolf Steiner’s intention to form three classes of the School of Spiritual Science
  • Potent implementable imaginations for understanding the threefold nature of the human being, the threefold nature of a business and/or organization
  • How understanding of the gestures of the First, Second, and Third Classes of the School of Spiritual Science can bring clarity and an ordering of consciousness - sourced from the late Jorgen Smit
  • New Mystery initiation distinctions in contrast to the Old Mysteries
  • How mastering economics is a reflection of mastering one’s self
  • How accounting can be a meditation from the outside in
  • The impending task of Brittain and the U.S. on behalf of the world as the whole of humanity faces a looming economic abyss
  • Rudolf Steiner’s pivotal contributions toward a healthy world economy based on initiation rather than power
  • Practical considerations for the reordering of karma and the restructuring of financial life with new conscious associative economic processes
  • What would occur if the human being rather than ‘market forces’ is placed at the center of economic life?
  • The promise of a more sustainable humane future with the implementation of Rudolf Steiner’s economic insights born out of new initiation thinking

Rudolf Steiner’s Unfinished Deed provides foundational material for understanding the second workshop entitled, Money: The Old and New Mysteries.

Money: The Old and New Mysteries

by Christopher Houghton Budd, Ph.D

Workshop Two of a Two Part Set

Money: The Old and New Mysteries Audio CD Set

Each of us out of our freedom is called to make economic choices that will determine the kind of future we will create for and with one another.

Learn how economics can reveal the relationship human beings have with the spiritual world and how each of us can become accountable with money and with one another on the world stage in the New Mysteries.

Will we Master Money or will Money Master Us?

While economists and bankers currently question faltering monetary policies and banking systems, Dr. Houghton Budd, builds on the world-economic work begun by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s. A radical new approach to economic history is described that includes a moral imagination of how to meet current economic challenges while working associatively in community life. With new perspective, we can overcome our dependency on ‘external’ banking altogether. Monetary and credit responsibility can be taken on ourselves through the very way we understand and handle money.

Money: The Old and New Mysteries builds on Rudolf Steiner’s Unfinished Deed and transitions to focus on the practical outer manifestations of economics, banking, and bookkeeping. Dr. Houghton Budd contrasts between the ways of working with money in the Old Mysteries and how we are called to new ways of perceiving and working with money in the New Mysteies. Christopher synthesizes the ideas shared from his many meetings with bankers and lay people around the world, his economic work at the Goetheanum, and his life long study of Rudolf Steiner’s life and deeds.

In his economics course in 1922, Steiner forewarned of the pitfalls of both socialism and the newly emerging capitalistic programs out of the West. He advocated a new associative-economic process and paradigm which approaches the world as one economy with diverse regional gifts.

Money Mysteries Cover Art

Key features of Money: The Old and New Mysteries include:

  • Over 5 hours of inspiring economic commentary filled with pictoral examples and practical insights
  • Includes a full color twelve page Photo Booklet of all the drawings and notes that were made in the course of the workshop
  • A multiplicity of stories and descriptions that make the large challenging macro economic events we face today comprehensible or “soul sized”
  • Economic consciousness during the time of the Old Mysteries vs. the consciousness that is required for economic competency in the New Mysteries
  • How we are all being schooled by economics in current world economic circumstances and steps each of us can take to step into another paradigm
  • Why the gold standard could be considered a barbarous relic and a holdover of the Old Mystery consciousness
  • What replaces the gold standard in the economy of the New Mysteries?
  • The contrast between neoliberal economics that can be sourced to Artistotle and associative economics as sourced to Rudolf Steiner
  • How and why the financial markets separated from actual goods being traded and what consequences this has had for individuals to be able to master what they couldn’t before
  • What would it look like to re-instill the original “sacred quality of the marketplace” as opposed to the self-driven motives in the markets today?
  • Practical insights into the key points in Steiner’s Economic course and why it may be the most important universal course he gave to address the signs of our time
  • How the discipline of accounting will help us to meet unredeemed or undisciplined aspects of our self
  • An exercise in thinking to lead us from the discernment of one kind of money to the clarity of two kinds of money and then to the discovery of a third kind of money which can help to balance the relationship between the other two kinds of money
  • How world-wide economics could be metamorphosed and stabilized with acceptance of R.Steiner’s understanding of the three kinds of money as long as money itself is not traded as a good.
  • A Description of the three kinds of money overlaid on the universally accepted threefold aspects of accounting which can provide an accurate reflection of the health of an account for both macro and individual accounts
  • World wide associative relationships with universally accepted accounting of the three kinds of money
  • What causes inflation, how it can be avoided and what role everyone can play in day to day transactions
  • A precise imagination of what a new world-wide transparent central banking process would look managed by all the actors (anyone who has a bank account) in contrast to the current central banking systems
  • The characteristics of a re-imagined Central Bank
  • How the world would look today if Rudolf Steiner’s world economy course had been accepted and implemented 90 years ago
  • Over the Rainbow: How we can learn to live forever on the wing with money and cash flow as we step into the new Mysteries

Together, both workshops can help listeners gain new distinctions and clarity in observing cash flow in personal, business and world affairs.

The two audio sets include over 9 hours of stories, descriptions, exercises and anectodotes that shed new light on Rudolf Steiner’s contributions to economics

It is a rare oppportunity to hear Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd in this format.

The recordings are layered with information so they can be listened to again and again to recieve fresh insights in personal, organizational and world economic life. Something new can be learned with each listening.

Admission for these workshops was originally $120.

Only $67 USD for Both Workshops in MP3 Audio Format.

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